If I ask questions you may think are stupid or think I already have the answer to… what would you do?

If you are condescending and talk down to me, excuse me if I do not stay to listen to your nasty way. I’ve gone to find somebody who likes to talk and play, who doesn’t mind my ditsy way.


Teach me your wisdoms in the wonderfully expressive art of writing

In front of an open window, I sit poised, brought there only by my imagination. Taking in the dense cascade of floral colours below, I am unable to smell what beautiful scent the wind carries in, a small disadvantage to my imaginary world. A feeling of melancholy leaves me watching from a distance the delight my imaginary self feels, seeing the flowing lines the ink has made on the crisp white paper. I want to set myself free, bringing these two worlds together.
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Big Tree

Green trees, branches stretched out towards the sky as if in thanks for the rain that has been gifted apon them.

Green trees swaying from side to side, in a ceremonies dance to celebrate the return of the life giving sun.

Mighty green trees, roots anchored down into the ground,  tower over man, with only a rustle, they make little sound. Protecting man in the solemn shade they create. A place to nap, on the damp grass beneath all the wide spread branches. A place to escape from the piercing sun. Looking up the light shines through into a caleidoscope of beauty streaming through the leaves.


Eloise, the name my mom and dad blessed me with when I was born in 1979. I am a princess, or at least should have been.

Ella, Elle, Ellie, Lou, Weez, Weezie, Squeeze, Ed and even Zee, I’ve been called them all.

This here is an open door for anyone who wants to come and play in my world.

I don’t know what this blog will turn out to be… but for now it’s as a collection of random thoughts and ideas, a diary and things I may forget. Ups and downs are part of life and this is where I’m sharing them. It’s not a story from start to end, it’s simply a lucky dip.

I don’t mind if you have a story to add. A life link is welcome in my world. Feel free to add your piece if it comes with good intentions.