If I ask questions you may think are stupid or think I already have the answer to… what would you do?

If you are condescending and talk down to me, excuse me if I do not stay to listen to your nasty way. I’ve gone to find somebody who likes to talk and play, who doesn’t mind my ditsy way.


Not the same

Have I snuffed that bright light inside of you, out? You snap and bare your teeth; always ready to bite. From being your princess to you being suspicious. You treat me with contempt, why are you so vicious?

You say you love me, oh so dear. You say you want to keep me, oh so near. But I never knew love came with such impatience. Why are you so irritated? Is it my voice, simply the sound. Do you even want me around?

Heart in Hand…

I long to give my heart away to someone who will keep it safe and put it in a box.
The box must have a lining of silk and candy floss.
I long to share my kitty and one day a giraffe.
Live happy ever after, and have a sing and dance.

My Mom

My mom’s always there for me, she is so pretty. She loves me more than anyone else does. I know she will always love me. It’s the only thing I am sure about. She always says I’m just like her… whatever she is I am 10 times worse. It’s our little joke. It makes me very happy. I want to be just like her. I want to make her proud. She is amazing. She is my best friend.