Notes on Texture in Visual Merchandising

What is Texture?

  • Texture is the surface treatment or ‘feel’
  • Texture affects colour of merchandise
    • Smooth and shiny –> Reflects light = lighter
    • Rough, nubby and deep piled –> absorbs light = darker
  • Textures are suggestive
    • Relate to familiar symbols:
→ Soft silks and satins suggest femininity and sensuousness
→ Velvet is deep and rich, dark and mysterious, subtle, elegant, and expensive
→ Rough textures (burlap, nubby wools, and tweed etc.) can be masculine, outdoorsy, rugged, natural, and earthy
→ Gravel, stone, sand, brick, ground cork etc. suggest great open spaces, sportswear, beachwear, and camping
→ Wisps of tulle, ribbon delicate lace and netting gives you 'happy ever after'
→ Background of raw rough wooden boards can give contrast between the delicate softness of the wedding dress fabric texture, making it even softer and feminine

Deliciously Easy Curry Base

These ingredients for the base of the curry gave pretty good results and it was quick to put together. My guests kept filling up their plates. I was surprised how much they enjoyed the curry.

Ghee or Coconut Oil
Curry Powder
Chilli Powder
Fresh Ginger
Albert’s Victorian Chutney (Baxters)
Coconut Milk
Organic Vegetable Stock (Amandin) – I buy it at Organic Foods and Cafe as well as their delicious Organic Oriental Stock (Amandin).


Fry the onions in ghee or coconut oil. Half way through frying the onions, add the garlic, ginger and spices; stirring continuously till the onions are soft. Empty the onion mixture into a bowl before browning the meat in all the deliciousness and fragrant juices that have been left behind.

Using a slow cooker for curries and stews results in tender meat but since mine is quite big I occasionally use a pot with lid over and allow the curry to cook over a low heat; it barely sees a simmer.

Cooking your curry in a pot
Transfer the onion mixture, stock and your meat of choice into a pot and leave to simmer gently for an hour or until the meat is soft and tender before adding vegetables to cook through. Sweet potato or butternut is a delicious addition to this curry base.

Cooking your curry in a slow cooker
Add vegetables of choice (sweet potato or butternut is my favorite with this recipe) to the bottom of the slow cooker with the meat on top, also add the onion mixture and stock.

Add the coconut milk 10 minutes before serving.


I often make combinations that are simply delicious, only to forget the next time around what ingredients I used; sometimes it’s the method. Believe me, my culinary adventures don’t always produce the best results but there are moments of pure genius. This recipe is here so that you can try if you want to and for me to keep track so I can make it again

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If I ask questions you may think are stupid or think I already have the answer to… what would you do?

If you are condescending and talk down to me, excuse me if I do not stay to listen to your nasty way. I’ve gone to find somebody who likes to talk and play, who doesn’t mind my ditsy way.

Loving 360 degrees at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

An amazing venue at the end of a pier that has won my heart and swooned my taste buds. This circular restaurant has a rooftop lounge, a must see for visitors to Dubai this is most definitely a place to go for a few drinks or Saturday brunch with uninterrupted views of the Burj Al Arab and a magical sunset over the ocean. There is also a DJ cranking out good chill-out tunes which pickup in pace as the night goes on.

T: +971 55 500 8518