Notes on Texture in Visual Merchandising

What is Texture?

  • Texture is the surface treatment or ‘feel’
  • Texture affects colour of merchandise
    • Smooth and shiny –> Reflects light = lighter
    • Rough, nubby and deep piled –> absorbs light = darker
  • Textures are suggestive
    • Relate to familiar symbols:
→ Soft silks and satins suggest femininity and sensuousness
→ Velvet is deep and rich, dark and mysterious, subtle, elegant, and expensive
→ Rough textures (burlap, nubby wools, and tweed etc.) can be masculine, outdoorsy, rugged, natural, and earthy
→ Gravel, stone, sand, brick, ground cork etc. suggest great open spaces, sportswear, beachwear, and camping
→ Wisps of tulle, ribbon delicate lace and netting gives you 'happy ever after'
→ Background of raw rough wooden boards can give contrast between the delicate softness of the wedding dress fabric texture, making it even softer and feminine