Teach me your wisdoms in the wonderfully expressive art of writing

In front of an open window, I sit poised, brought there only by my imagination. Taking in the dense cascade of floral colours below, I am unable to smell what beautiful scent the wind carries in, a small disadvantage to my imaginary world. A feeling of melancholy leaves me watching from a distance the delight my imaginary self feels, seeing the flowing lines the ink has made on the crisp white paper. I want to set myself free, bringing these two worlds together.

If I write something, I withdraw each time like a tide detaching itself from scattered seashells left behind on the vast barren sand. It feels almost silly and uncomfortable to write such a thing.

My end goal is to improve my writing skills and overcome the fear that my expressive abilities are dull and boring or even silly. I want my writing to ‘POP’ and leave the audience captivated and inspired, even leave them with the feeling of having been indulged and wanting more.

Can you help with such a task to discover my writing potential? I need help finding my confidence, to learn to stop procrastinating and finding excuses. Teach me your wisdoms in the wonderfully expressive art of writing.